Can You Put Plush Toys in the Washing Machine?

One question that most plush toy lovers tend to ask is, can you put plush toys in the washing machine? We skipped washing our beloved plush toys when we were kids. While it might not be an issue as a child, kids have difficulty dealing with dirt at such a tender age.

Teddy bears, bunnies, and minions don’t require constant washing after playtime. If you’re concerned about their hygiene, you could do a quick wash. They can easily become dirty due to the soft, fluffy material they are composed of. Consequently, the question is whether one can wash these plush toys in a washing machine.

The answer to this question, whether can you put plush toys in the washing machine, will always come with different opinions. However, this write-up will explore everything as it touches washing your plush toys in the washing machine.

Plush Toys – The Fondness and Popularity among Children

A lot of people spend their childhood surrounded by plush and stuffed toys. For years, children of all ages have found comfort and joy in plush toys ranging from the traditional teddy bear to the most recent animal fad. Children find them comforting and familiar, making them the ideal companion for playtime, naps, and everything else. They are also soft and fluffy.

Additionally, plushies can be purchased brand-new and handcrafted by another individual, some with outfits and some without. Some owners of stuffed animals (plushies) assemble their collections only for doing so, while others do so since a particular plushie holds special memories for them.

Having a plush animal of their own also allows kids to enjoy it without worrying that it will be taken away. All ages enjoy them since they are entertaining to play with and snuggle at night.

Can you put plush toys in the washing machine?

This has been a constant debate for several years. Some believe washing plush toys isn’t good because of the material. However, others oppose this school of thought, stating that washing the plush toy is good hygienically.

Can you put plush toys in the washing machine?

Nevertheless, embroidered animals go beyond simple toys. They play a crucial role in children’s growth as well. They should be cleaned and used for play by kids. When they are ill, it is typical for kids to lose enthusiasm for playing with their plush toys. A child with lice will drop some of the lice on the toy. The tendency of a plush toy to develop unpleasant odors or mold increases once you avoid washing it.

Wash the bear on a 40°C cycle once every several months to ensure that dust mites are eliminated. If the stuffed animal’s labeling indicates that it can be machine-washed, it makes things easier for you.

How to Wash plush animals without ruining them

It’s not always necessary to wash and dry plush toys. Spot washing is the best method for cleaning delicate toys. Some toys contain vinyl or plastic that shouldn’t be properly washed. Toys with the most dirt are typically the most popular, and oddly, those that aren’t labeled are also more likely to be still covered by warranties. Some plush toys are constructed of vinyl or plastic that shouldn’t be washed.

Softer wool, fleece, or cotton toys can be washed in a machine. Here you have the answer: can you put plush toys in the washing machine? Stuffed animals have electronic components, such as motors or lights. You must remove the batteries from your toy before washing it if it has any. When your child is ill, it would be great if you washed all their bedding, plush toys, and clothes.

Things to consider before washing your Plush Toys

Verify the care tag

If the care instructions for your plush toys are listed on the tag, read them before deciding whether to machine wash, hand wash, or merely spot-treat stains. Ensure the instructions specify that you can wash plush animals with beads.

Test the fabric’s color

Ensure that plush toys can withstand cleaning by applying a small quantity of concentrated detergent to a region of the fabric that is less noticeable. Use solely water to wash it if any of the color comes off.

Choose a time to wash

Choose a time to wash

Washing stuffed animals is advised, especially if your child sleeps with them. Find out more about sanitizing clothes, especially plush animals. Otherwise, wash as necessary, especially if the stuffed animals begin to smell or appear dirty.

How to Machine-Wash Plush Toys

Put your child’s toys in a mesh-washing bag, a pillowcase with a zipper, an old stocking, or another container if you’ve decided it’s safe to wash them in the washing machine. You should wash plush teddy bears in the washing machine for safety purposes.

Please place them on the machine’s top rack and run a typical cycle. If you are concerned, they will get tangled in the washing machine, put the plastic toys in a mesh laundry bag or pillowcase.

Use mild soap and warm water to wash your toys. To finish the process, you should add more liquid detergent. To clean the toys, use a gentle brush. Add greenwashing detergent when washing. Fill your bucket or sink with washing detergent.

Use Woolite or combine little soap with vinegar to create a solution. You want to wash your soft items by hand gently. Use mild detergent and a gentle cycle to wash the plushie in warm or cold water.

If you come across any marks or stains, wipe them away with a moist cloth. Avoid using corrosive cleaners or strong chemicals. You can remove a tough stain, like paint or blueberry juice, using the techniques for stains. Nevertheless, you can hire a plush animal cleaning service provider to clean your toys if you don’t have a washing machine.

Drying process

The stuffed animal or plush toy must be properly dried after being washed in the washing machine. Be careful if you want to put plush animals in the dryer, as they may become damaged or even shrink. It should typically be allowed to dry outside on a clothesline. You can use the hair dryer to quickly dry things or place it close to a fan or air conditioner. The final consideration is brushing, which will help to make the plush animal soft and comfortable for our kids.

Precautions when using a washing machine to wash Plush toys

Precautions when using a washing machine to wash Plush toys
  • Always check the label for washing instructions before you put your soft toys in the washing machine.
  • Don’t put soft toys with sensitive parts like sequins, glued-on eyes, or sewn-in buttons in the washing machine.
  • Avoid washing soft toys made of mohair, alpaca fur, or wool rayon in the washing machine.
  • Refrain from washing plush toys that will not fit in your washing machine.
  • Before you wash the toys, take out all the batteries.
  • Avoid washing soft toys tightly filled with fiberfill, foam beads, plastic stiffeners, or paper in a washing machine.
  • Never wash soft toys by hand; always use a washing machine. Combining them with normal laundry may promote

Benefits of using a washing machine to Wash soft toys


One of the biggest advantages of washing plush toys in a washing machine is the simplest, easiest, and most effective way to get good results. In addition to saving, you time so you may do other tasks, washing plush toys in the washing machine offers more thorough cleaning than cleaning a spot or hand washing.

Deep Cleaning

Using a washing machine has the additional benefit of offering a thorough deep cleaning treatment for toys, unlike when you wash plush animals in a bathtub.

Increase lifespan

Cleaning your plush toy using a washing machine helps it look new and is a great way to make it last longer. As a result, the plush toy’s lifespan is prolonged and lasts longer.

How frequently should you wash plush animals?

Before your child uses a plush toy again, it should be cleaned up if it’s dirty. Remember that certain substances, such as allergies, mites, and germs, could not be visible to the naked eye. Generally, wash your child’s toy with their bedding to safeguard them from these dangers.

Your kid might be sentimental about their plush animals like many kids. When one is being cleaned or dried, it’s an excellent practice to have a backup alternative for them to cuddle with or play with.

Washing Electronic Plush Toys

Washing Electronic Plush Toys

Not all plush toys need to be cleaned or dried. Some stuffed animals need to be spot-cleaned or given a surface wash instead of being washed because they are too delicate. It is preferable to dry clean electronic toys instead of immersing them in water.

It is advised to use foam soap rather than ordinary soap because it demands less effort and moisture. The idea is to keep your toy from getting wet inside. The Doll Doctors Association lists competent individuals in its web directory if you’re seeking a doll doctor.


Can you put plush toys in the washing machine? Yes, you can use a washing machine to wash your plush toys. In addition to maintaining the plush toy’s appearance, it helps remove germs and bacteria that could otherwise endanger your child’s health. Therefore, use a washing machine the next time you consider washing your plush toy for maximum results. Importantly, you can clean plush animals without a washing machine, especially if you don’t have the resources to purchase a machine.

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