Displaying Stuffed Animals Ideas [Expert Guide]

Displaying stuffed animals ideas is an excellent way of showing your love for these little adorable creatures. They take a special spot in our hearts for the cherished childhood memories they gave us. Others simply can’t get enough of their heartwarming and cuddly presence.

What do you do when your collection of stuffed animals is growing out of place? Displaying stuffed animals ideas DIY is a perfect way to showcase your collection in your home. So, if you were planning to give them away because of not knowing what to do with them, it’s about time you pause on that move! In this expert guide, we’re going to explore some of the most creative and delightful ways of displaying stuffed animals toys ideas for adults. You’ll discover how these cuties can add some personality and allure to your living room.

Top 10 Displaying Stuffed Animals Ideas for A Charming Living Space

When it comes to accessorizing your home with stuffed animals, there’s no one silver bullet solution. However, adding creativity into the picture can make a big difference even if implementing commonly known ideas. Display ideas need to be uniquely curated for each room of your house. For instance, the bedroom’s display ideas should take a different appeal from those in the living room.

  • The classic shelf displays

Using a shelf is straightforward but timeless displaying stuffed animal ideas for any part of your home. It may seem so common but you can add a bit of flair by choosing floating shelves. After installing the shelves at your desired spot, neatly place your stuffed animals according to color, size, or theme.

If that’s not all, complement the collection with decorative elements such as potted plants, small trinkets, or framed photos. Backlit shelves also add a contemporary flair to your collection. Ensure your choice of fairy light colors complements your décor for a perfectly unique and charming space.

  • Hanging stuffed animal idea

Hanging stuffed animal idea

Are you running low on space but still want to conveniently display your plush toys? Hanging is a nice way of displaying your adorable stuffed animal collection. It creates an eye-catching focal point, especially when hanging from the ceiling. Simply attach an eye screw or hook to your ceiling then use a clear fishing line to suspend your fluffy buddies in mid-air.

Don’t forget to evenly space them to avoid creating a cluttered ceiling. This is one of the best stuffed animal displays for adults ideal for the bedroom and living room. Apart from creating a whimsical display, they spark curiosity and joy.

  • Reading corners and corner nooks

This plush animal display idea presents a magical way of making your haven more appealing. Choose a designated corner in your space then arrange a comfortable seat with soft cushions and your plush friends around it. the resulting appeal is a delightful nook and a serene haven for unwinding as you read.

Add some style to your corner with decorations such as fake flowers and lights. If the corner is spacious enough, consider adding a stuffed animal display stand with your fluffy friends on top. Alternatively, add a few books you to read on the tabletop to make it more functional.

  • Stuffed animal hammocks

If your plush toy collection is incredibly too big, the stuffed animal hammock is a nice little way to store and display them at the same time. Although not every adult will love the idea of toy hammocks, they do wonders in children’s play areas or bedrooms.  Apart from displaying the stuffed animals, they also keep them organized within reach.

Using toy hammocks will not only add a functional appeal but also create a playful touch to the space’s décor. You don’t have to go for an expensive hammock, but if you love DIYs, you can create one yourself. Hammocks made out of nets are an inexpensive option and present a wonderful display for your stuffies.

  • Stuffed animal wall art

Stuffed animal wall art

If you’d love to put your creative mind to work, you’ll love the appeal that stuffed animal wall art adds to your space. Add a beautiful transformation to your home by framing your stuffed friends in decorating frames or shadow boxes. Once nicely done, hang the framed treasures on your wall. The result is an attractive gallery of cuddly art pieces.

Shadow boxes present a nice display and storage solution with a seal to keep off moisture and dust. The boxes are also a nice display idea for use to showcase your plushies in your office. Simply fit the boxes on a bookshelf.

Make it more artistic by mixing and matching different shapes, sizes, or colors for a visually irresistible display.

  • Bed headboard shelves

One spot in your bedroom that can be transformed by displaying stuffed animal ideas is the bed headboard. Apart from holding the alarm clock and novels, you can accessorize your headboard shelf with a unique selection of stuffed buddies.

The interesting bit is that the idea can work like a charm in your children’s bedrooms too. If your little ones suddenly miss their fluffy friends, they can grab them from the shelves for a snug hug as they doze off.  Add some appealing dimmable colored LED lights to the shelves to complement the room’s décor and your little ones will love it.

  • DIY display solution

For the overly creative people who are not afraid to try out new DIY ideas, this is your pill. Get crafty with the display methods by exploring options such as a ladder-style display rack. You may also opt to repurpose old baskets, or crates, or even build a custom shelf to display stuffed animals for adults. With a DIY display idea, there’s no limit to the possibilities you can explore.

  • Under-glass coffee tabletop display

Glass coffee tables can also be handy in displaying plush toys. They create a unique elegance that can rhyme with any décor, whether minimalist or colorful. Place a case with nicely arranged stuffed animals under a glass coffee table to protect them from dust.

This display idea is a great centerpiece for starting conversation conversations. Just ensure your choice of colors and sizes complement your room’s décor.

  • Glass cabinet display idea

Glass cabinet display idea

If your stuffed animal collection keeps growing, you might want to find a display idea that also serves as storage. Stylish glass cabinets are an extensive approach for keeping large and medium-sized plush toys organized. The transparent glass can also be PVC to allow illumination. For this, you should position the cabinet to face a window or have bright light close by.

A great alternative to a glass cabinet display would be an acrylic shelving resembling those in museums. They not only keep your plushies neat but also present a clearer all-round view. What’s more, the shelf can also serve as a bookshelf alongside your stuffies for a more appealing look. Position it in your reading corner and transform your haven with style.

  • Rattan basket display idea

Do you have large-sized stuffed animals and don’t know how to display them? Use a rattan basket positioned in a corner of your room. Apart from creating functional storage and display, the nostalgic appeal of the rattan basket adds a rustic touch to your decor. This displaying stuffed animal idea can also match any space theme, whether you love minimalism or attention-grabbing maximalism.

These baskets and boxes are charming containers that allow you to organize and group your plushies with ease. Arrange smaller stuffed animals in medium-sized rattan baskets and boxes then place them on shelves or under glass tabletops.

The combined appeal created by the softness of plushies and the texture of rattans is magical and can transform any space with elegance. It’s a perfect combination of functionality and style that adds an earthy elegance to your décor.

Bonus idea: Tent or Teepee display

And for our bonus idea, tents and tepees are great if you want to display childhood stuffed animals of bigger sizes. This idea creates an imaginative and whimsical display if used in one corner of your living space or bedroom. Tent displays create an element of playfulness and adventure in your space.

Tent or Teepee display
Displaying Stuffed Animals

Arrange the larger plushies at the back of the tent followed by medium-sized ones, then the small ones at the front. This creates a cozy inviting nook for adults and children to play. Add some elegance with fairy lights in the tents for a uniquely amazing ambiance. It’s a great idea for the children’s playroom or your reading corner.


Displaying stuffed animals ideas is an excellent way of infusing your living space with charm and warmth. Whether you love a classic shelve, creative DIY solutions, or hanging displays, don’t forget that the idea is to showcase your plushies in a way that makes you happy. By making the displays more creative and outstanding, you can share your love for these lovely plushies with others.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to make changes from time to time. Rotate your plushies or add new ones to the collection regularly to keep your décor more dynamic and charming.

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