Zhongwang toys - FAQ

Q1: Are you a factory or a trading company?

A: We are a high-end environmental-friendly toys factory. In this highly competitive business environment, we have established a design and development team, We can design and develop products according to the concept of our customers, and provide a variety of different types of product supply services.

Q2: Can we buy the product separately on your website?

A: Sorry, we do not offer sample sales, but we can offer samples accordingly customers related information, pls contact us for samples inquiry.

Q3: Can we customize the same product on your company’s website?

A: Photos on our website are for reference only. If you want to customize, we can offer a design according to your request. Of course, if you look at branded products, we can make adjustments based on your relative changes.

Q4: What is your minimum order quantity?

A: Different types of products have different minimum MOQ, usually MOQ is 1000 pcs, but MOQ can be negotiated, pls note, tks. 

Q5: How do I charge sample fees?

A: For different products and different types of functional samples, the production costs are different and need to be provided according to customer requirements. We list the sample cost and production time section for your reference.

1. Plush toy products: sample costs 50-300 US dollars, sample time: 7 days after the design.

2. For the exact sampling fee, pls contact us online or send an inquiry email to us. 

Q6: Sample fee can be refunded?

The sample fee can be refunded to you after your order is placed and the order quantity meets our MOQ.

Q7: Do you have so many products? Are you familiar with everything?

A: My company’s employees, design departments, procurement departments, and procurement departments in the grocery industry for many years engaged in work, from raw materials to product molding processing applications have a wealth of practical experience and provide test requirements. From the customer’s initial concept design to the actual design of the design consultant.

Q8: Why does the price of similar products be higher or lower than other companies?

A: The following is a summary.

1. Customer inquiries, product parameters are very detailed, material requirements and forecast requirements, our company will calculate the cost of the exact price.

2. Customer query requirements are more general, only product images or simple product descriptions, we will be based on our experience cited. At the same time, there will be a relatively simple function pricing that can meet customer requirements.

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