Baby Rattle Stick Bear Stuffed Animal Soft Hand Rattle Squeaker Sticks

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Baby Rattle Stick Bear Stuffed Animal Soft Hand Rattle Squeaker Sticks

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Product Features:
Develop Motor Skills-Baby Rattle Stick Bear can develop children’s motor skills because it is designed with a hand-held rod, which is also convenient for exercising their grip.
Visual Development-Exquisite animal appearance, Soft Rattle Toy visually stimulates the baby’s vision and attention and encourages the baby to touch and explore.
Reliable Material-Baby Rattle Stick Bear is very soft, comfortable, not easy to deform, not easy to fade, and durable, because it is made of high-quality cloth material and filled with PP cotton.

Baby Rattle Stick Bear-This hand grip plush rattle toy with a hand-held bar design is easy to grasp for infants. Keeping your baby’s little hands active, and exercise their grip and hand-eye coordination ability to develop motor skills.
High Quality-This plush rattle toy is made of soft PP cotton. Three-dimensional full shape, hand kneading elastic, delicate hand feeling. Close sewing, not easy to be deformed. Comfortable and environmental protection, washing does not fade deformation.
To Get Baby’s Attention-Soft rattle toy with sound. Built-in BB unit on it’s head, you just need to give it a little squeeze and then it could make a sound to get your baby’s attention. Also, a sound paper in the ear. What’s more, you can shake it to make a pleasant sound, it can pacify your baby’s agitated mood and hearing development.
A perfect gift-The soft rattle can offer your baby a lot of joy and happiness during infancy. A perfect hand toy for baby, a perfect first year toy for baby. Therefore, it is a perfect gift for Baby Showers, Birthday, Christmas, New Year, Baptisms, Easter. Children’s Day or any other holiday.


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