Baby Activity Gym Bunny Center with Animal Custom playmats Early Development Playmats

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Baby Activity Gym Bunny Center with Animal Play Mat Early Development Playmats

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Customize your Baby Activity Gym Bunny, Center with Animal Play Mat, Visual, Hearing, Touch, Cognitive Early Development custom playmats, 6 Toys for Infant & Toddler, Larger, Non-Slip

Plush Play Gym, Developmental Activity Gym & Play Mat from Baby to Toddler, Perfect Sense Deluxe Gym, Plush Infant Play Mat with Toys, Baby Activity Gym Center with Animal Custom Playmats Early Development Playmats.

Product Features:

From Tummytime to Play Fort: From lifting their head as a newborn to hide-and-seek as a toddler, the play gym provides years of play
6 Removable Toys: Fully meet the baby’s growth needs. The toys are unique, each has either a different texture or sound they make (crinkle fabric, bell, squeaker, etc).
Large Size Mat: The activity play mat not only is a perfect size for your baby but also improves bonding with easy parental access.
Warning: This is a toy, not a crib, please do not let babies sleep in it, and keep an adult around.

Plush, sensory-stimulating infant activity gym for babies from birth plus
Multi-Sensory Discoveries to engage all five of your baby’s senses
4 moveable toys with sensory elements: scented cloud, discovery mirror, leaf teether, plush sloth, and crinkly milestone panel
High-contrast toy arches

All-round Development portable tummy time mat for babies and toddlers! Baby Activity Gym Bunny comes with 5 developmental language toys and 1 pillow, and 1 storage bag that attracts the baby to reach and grasp, promoting hand-eye coordination, sensory motor skills, and multiple physical developments.

Versatile Mat- the baby gym has vivid patterns of animals wandering around and a beautiful landscape of a zoo, which are excellent for developing color perception. It also has a tummy pillow for crawling practice, an acorn pad to produce auditory stimuli, and an apple tree for object exploration practice.

Comfy & Supportive-Stuffed with a 1.2″ thick supportive cotton cushion and covered with soft peach-skin fabric, this baby play gym allows for comfortable lying, sitting, or crawling. A textured non-slip base prevents shifting during play, and sturdy brackets form stable arches that prevent collapse


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