GOTS certified Baby fall protection head protector pillow

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GOTS certified Baby fall protection head protector pillow

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When babies are first learning to walk, it is not uncommon for them to fall over. However, the biggest fear is that they will fall on their head and suffer a concussion. Therefore, in order to prevent accidents, parents can give their baby a fall protection pillow, which can effectively protect the baby’s head and avoid injuries.

Baby fall protection head protector pillow is a common item for babies when learning to walk, and this pillow is designed to meet the needs of babies and is specially tailored for them. The fall protection pillow is breathable and generally has the right softness to protect not only your baby’s head but also your baby’s back. Therefore, parents who are worried that their baby will fall on their head when learning to walk can buy a fall protection pillow for their baby.

Baby fall protection head protector pillow is cartoonishly cute and fun, not only a fall-proof pillow, but also a good companion. Full and thick, shock-absorbing head protection, hollow design, head not stuffy. Soft and delicate short fibre crystal fleece, odourless and not easy to lose hair. Highly resilient feather silk cotton, can effectively cushion shock and reduce pressure, the baby does not fall pain. Elastic and adjustable shoulder straps, no strangulation of small arms, non-slip and not easy to shift. Breathable fabric, comfortable and at ease, cool and breathable, not stuffy

The baby anti-drop pillow, Baby fall protection head protector, is made of soft fabric with a delicate touch. And it is filled with full PP cotton, with thicker filling and good resilience. The head is hollowed out for a breathable, non-stuffy fit, so your little head can breathe. The back is cool and breathable, suitable for all seasons. The design of the horizontal fastening straps is added so that the straps do not slip off and the baby can climb at will, designed for active babies. The cartoon shape of the product makes it not only a fall-proof pillow but also a toy for your baby.


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