Oeko tex certified Soother rabbit for Snuggles and Security

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Oeko tex certified Soother rabbit for Snuggles and Security

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Customize your own Oeko tex certified Soother rabbit for Snuggles and Security, Doudou Blanket Soft Baby Plush Animal Toy Unisex Baby Soother for Snuggles and Security, 11 inches, Elephant Baby Security Blanket Soft Fabric Blanket with Lovely Animal Pattern Backing Stuffed Plush Cuddle Newborn Blankie, baby doudou Soft Soother Blanket elephant, with design offer, low MOQ with us.

Product features:
BABY ANIMAL BLANKIE: Designed to mesmerize babies, baby doudou Oeko tex certified Soother rabbit features amazingly lush fabrics on the topside layer, paired with a rich contrasting flannel-type designed lining on the underside; eyes are embroidered and edges have satin-like trim and taggies.
VELVETY SOFT TACTILE EXPLORATION: Featuring a velvety soft blankie with an infectiously cute fox head, this animal-shaped blankie encourages tactile exploration. An engaged baby makes for a calmer caregiver.
FIRST SOOTHING BLANKIE: Baby not only gets a cuddly security blankie here, but also a partial stuffed animal fox for comforting and soothing
GENDER NEUTRAL BLANKIE FOR HOME OR ON-THE-GO: Oeko tex certified Soother rabbit has gender neutral colors and is a tad hefty it’s not so large that it can’t accompany little one on trips away from home. When baby doudou Soft Soother Blanket elephant gets soiled, we recommend spot cleaning, refraining from machine washing to maintain original appearance.
100% HEALTHY: Super soft dotted plush fabric can give your baby more touch enhance your baby’s sense of security and colorful baby blankie with lovely design backingcan attract your baby’s attention. And this product is Phthalates and BPA free
MULTI-PURPOSE: Don’t worry about baby bite fingers, crying, playing, drooling or emotional instability, it will also do a good job when the baby has a stroller ride or car travel
EASY CARE BLANKET: Wash before use. Machine wash cold separately on gentle/delicate cycle. Tumble dry on low heat. Avoid direct heat. No bleach. Blanket stays new after every wash.


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